Microbial Products and Inoculants for Positive Impact

At LIVENTIA, we are experts in biotechnology. Our research and product development is focused on leveraging and capitalizing on the positive effects that microorganisms cause in the environment.

Our microbial-based products contribute to:

  • The production of healthier foods
  • The restoration of soil health
  • Bioremediation of damaged surfaces
  • The reduction of chemicals products.

By partnering with nature, we can help your operation cut costs, reduce your impact on the environment and provide better products that are more supportive of human health.


Our goal is provide you with the best available microbial cleaners to resolve your environmental remediation concerns. Our solutions for industrial waste treatment help to break down grease, hair and organic waste while eliminating foul odors. To aid in restoring areas damaged by pollution, our bioremediation solutions are specifically designed to help break down hydrocarbons and restore water and soil to a clean state.

Our biotechnology cleaning products also can be used to help reduce the costs associated with oil and gas drilling, and to clean up oil spills and waste from production.

We offer a variety of microbial inoculants and other microbial products that work night and day to help improve soil quality for more productive and environmentally friendly agriculture. For aquariums and aquaculture, we’ve developed a range of products to help improve the health of aquatic animals and clean the water of organic waste.


We have strains of naturally adapted and strategically formulated microorganisms.

Our microbial products are designed to deliver optimal, long-term environmental health and increased production for a variety of industries. Our unique bacterial consortium consists of robust strains proven to be adaptable to different environments and situations.

We are specialists in the areas of science and product administration.

With 25 years of experience in ecosystem bioremediation, LIVENTIA is a pioneer on the cutting edge of the emerging science of industrial biotechnology. Our combined technical expertise and administrative experience support our reputation as the company that delivers only the best quality of microbial cleaners and bioremediation solutions.

We offer agile development and product testing by our technical team.

In a hurry for a solution? We have the technical experience, operations capability and biological resources to expedite the development and delivery of high-quality custom microbial-based products.

How Can We Help You?

All our microbial-based products are custom formulated to ensure the highest viability and freshness. If you would like to learn more about how we can help you improve your environmental footprint, increase product quality and/or improve the productivity and profitability of your operation, please click here to contact LIVENTIA today.