“Aquaculture provides 60% of the fish consumed by humans”

Due to a high demand, aquaculture is practiced by both small farmers in developing countries and multinational companies that cultivate and conserve around 575 different species for different purposes. Much in the same way early human beings learned to manage the soil for agriculture, modern technology is enabling us to take fuller advantage of controlled aquatic environments to raise and harvest a wide variety of plants and animals. As the world’s population continues to grow, aquaculture is being seen as a viable and attractive alternative to many traditional fishing and agricultural practices.

Not only does this type of farming produce an abundance of food, but it also opens the doors to exciting advancements in alternative fuels, improved consumer products and a more robust economy. It also has the potential to preserve wildlife and fragile ecosystems because it means less fishing needs to be done on the open seas. In some cases, these processes are used to repopulate endangered species and replenish wild stock left vulnerable due to overfishing.

Cleaner, Healthier Water

One major component of this burgeoning field is supporting a safe and healthy environment for the animals and plants being raised. LIVENTIA is leading the way in developing water treatment bacteria that maintains proper balances. The use of these microbes in water treatment are extremely helpful for breaking down organic waste, removing toxic elements and creating an overall healthier ecosystem in closed aquaculture systems. Using our products for bioremediation of water is more natural than chemical agents, offering a more complete water treatment for aquaculture.

With 28-plus years of experience in biotechnology for water treatment, we have the prowess to deliver aquarium treatment products that do more than kill invasive algae and harmful bacteria. Our aquaculture water treatment solutions work to help prevent the growth of numerous bacterial, fungal and parasitic pathogens that can develop in these otherwise controlled environments. The result is higher yields, enhanced biosecurity and a more effective system for cultivating sea life. Learn more about our lineup of aquarium water treatment products by clicking below.

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