Agricultural Soil Microbiology Quality Evaluation

By: Agur Arredondo

Agriculture soil quality is defined by physical, chemical and biological parameters and its interactions, which determine crops’ level of productivity.

The power of microorganisms to reduce water pollution.

By: Diana Velázquez

Only 0.007% of the water on Earth is potable, this amount decreases year after year due to the pollution that continues its growth worldwide.

Attenuation of the nematods attack in plants by bacterial action.

By: Martha Zarain

The development of diseases in agricultural crops and in general, of any other biological system, depends on the complex interrelation between the host, the pathogen and the environmental conditions. So, in the case of soil pathogens, it opens the opportunity of interactions with other microorganisms that occupy the same ecological niche.

The usage of microorganisms in methanol production plants.

By: Diana Velázquez

The unceasing growth of the methanol industry requires a continuous search of new economic and ecofriendly technologies.