Happy soil.
Happy orchards.
Happy growers.

Liv It.

Growing for the present and the future

Building on nearly three decades of research and proven results, LIVENTIA is the trusted leader in microbial biostimulants. Working side by side with pest control advisors and growers of all kinds, our products boost productivity and profitability, all while nourishing and protecting the all-important soil.

Now you don’t have to choose between soil sustainability and protecting your ROI. Our non-toxic, non-GMO microorganisms drive production in nearly two dozen row crops, vegetables and fruits while maintaining soil health for years to come.

Upping the game
for better nutrients

Liventia microbial solutions help plants draw on the natural goodness of healthy soil, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers and establishing efficient pathways for nutrition from roots to food crops.

Water is
precious, we
help you save it

We know how vital water conservation is to growing. That is why the wide range of the biostimulants we’ve been developing since 2004 can help you proactively meet today’s environmental challenges by helping crops and soil retain water better and for longer.

Fighting stress
with resistance

By boosting levels of aerobic and nitrifying bacteria, you can build more adaptable production systems based on healthier plants better able to cope with stress and naturally resistant to pathogens.

The proof is in
the growing

Healthier soil means healthier, more immune resistant plants that optimize the expenses of crop production. Roots, stems, branches and canopies flourish with renewed vitality.

When you put
good things into
your soil, you get
good things out.

Bottle of SSB Biostimulant

SSB Biostimulant

SSB combines a selection of beneficial bacteria species with mycorrhizae for double the benefit—increased root growth and nutrient efficiency. Formulated with 19 species of naturally occurring, plant growth promoting microbes, plus four species of mycorrhizal fungi. Works as a seed inoculant.

Bottle of SOIL PRO Biostimulant

SOIL PRO Biostimulant

SOIL PRO Promotes root development and strengthens plant’s tolerance against stress conditions. Formulated with nine species of beneficial bacteria. Promotes Acquired Systemic Resistance (ASR).

Bottle of SOS Biostimulant

SOS Biostimulant

SOS boosts nutrient uptake efficiency and plant growth for a more vigorous crop. Formulated with 19 species of beneficial bacteria. Enhances root growth and plant health.

Let’s see how we
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