Nitrogen Bacteria For Soil

What Is SOS™ Nitrogen Bacteria For Soil?

SOS™ nitrogen bacteria is different than typical nitrogen products. It is an agricultural soil improver that restores and promotes the biodiversity of the rhizosphere, increasing the bioavailability of nutrients such as inorganic N (NH4 and NO3) and phosphorus (PO4) in soils of poor agricultural quality. The product improves the absorption of chemical or organic fertilization processes, increases the percentage of germination and root density, and contributes to the movement of phytopathogenic microorganisms present in soils due to their high proliferation rate.

Nitrogen bacteria for soil helps build a healthier environment for plants to thrive — and to do so in a stable manner. In liquid form, the nitrogen becomes far easier to implement into drip irrigation systems for steady concentrations.


SOS™ nitrogen bacteria and microorganisms help encourage a proper nitrogen cycle
Nitrifying bacteria products help with carbon biotransformation, solubilization of phosphorus and the excretion of phytohormones
Contains pesticide-degrading bacteria and entomopathogenic microbial composition


Why Agriculturists Commonly Use Nitrogen Bacteria for Soil

In general, nitrogen bacteria has been used for centuries in farming processes. Throughout crop growing, nitrogen levels in the soil get depleted and become more difficult to maintain for the health of crops. Without human input to maintain adequate nitrogen in the soil, modern-day crop yields would look nothing like they do.

Benefits of Using Nitrifying Bacteria Products and Organic Phosphorous Bacteria

  • Nitrogen bacteria for the soil creates better bioavailability of nutrients
  • Nitrogen bacteria for soil increases root density to keep plants stable
  • Helps plants with the absorption of vital nutrients
  • Helps with the displacement of phytopathogenic elements that damage plants

Why LIVENTIA’s SOS™ Nitrifying Bacteria in a Bottle Is a Good Choice

Adding nitrogen bacteria to the soil can be a tedious process. Too little and you miss out on the benefits. Too much and you cause more harm than good. LIVENTIA’s SOS™ nitrifying bacteria in a bottle is different because: 

  • SOS™ can be used with organic and synthetic fertilizers, soil inoculants and other entomopathogenic agents.
  • SOS™ can be used easily in drip irrigation systems.
  • SOS™ helps stimulate the natural regeneration of native microorganisms.
  • SOS™ can be used for hydroponic growth systems.
  • In addition, SOS™ is formulated with science-backed processes, is OMRI listed and is always quality and freshness assured.

LIVENTIA’s SOS™ Nitrifying Bacteria Products: Results in the Field

Our studies of LIVENTIA SOS™ nitrogen bacteria for soil have shown successful crop yields and healthier plants in field tests of watermelon, bell peppers, cucumbers and more. Check out the impressive differences and statistics in the graphics below. 


Better bioavailability
of nutrients

Increase in
root density

Increased absorption
of nutrients

Aid to the displacement
of phytopathogenic agents



Incorporating the right nitrogen fertilizer into your crop could be the change that makes all the difference in the outcome of your harvest. Our nitrifying bacteria in a bottle is easy to use, effective and efficient. Check out the information in our sales brochures or reach out to us at LIVENTIA if you would like to know more about our products.