Through unique and specialized processes we identify microbial consortia with the best “genetic fitness” —information that particularly contains each organism and the way it behaves— to restore ecosystems damaged by man.

With our 31 formulas and sustainable management practices, we offer opportunities of bioremediation and biostimulation according to each case.

In Liventia, no complex of microorganisms has undergone alteration or mutation.

The genetic code of the parent strains remains intact.

Its characteristics are non-pathogenic, non-toxic and 100% organic, which creates strong, exclusive and select cell lines in order to generate wellbeing.

Our consortia of bacteria work coordinated and effectively to contribute:

• In more sustainable food productions

• Restoring soil health

• Cleaning contaminated soil and water

• Reducing the use of chemicals for cleaning tasks

• Controlling pests and diseases

• Improving industrial profitability with natural solutions.