Through biological solutions, we aim to nurture healthy soils by giving them life in return for all they have granted us for many years of farming.

LIVENTIA biotechnology products offer a responsible and economical way to increase agricultural productivity now and in the future.

Scientists and growers alike are increasingly realizing the critical importance of soil biology to crop production. Biological soil products are emerging as a primary driver of the new Green Revolution needed to adequately supply the world’s population in the 21st century.

Agricultural Biotechnology Solutions for Enhanced Soil Fertility and Plant Performance

Soil microbes perform many functions that help boost plant and soil health, resulting in improved agricultural performance without sacrificing sustainability. Some applications include:

  • Biotechnology solutions — Also known as plant-growth promoters, these microbes enhance the plants’ ability to uptake nutrients from the soil, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers and improving the trace mineral content of food crops.
  • Plant resistance stimulants — Certain bacteria used in food production emit chemical signals that help strengthen and activate the plants’ immune responses. Use of these microbial soil biostimulants can greatly reduce the amount of chemical pesticides needed, and is highly beneficial in organic agriculture.
  • Biopesticides — Other soil microbes actively suppress nematodes, soil grubs and other soil pests.

Soil biostimulants aren’t just good for plants. They also contribute to building healthier soils. A healthy mix of soil microorganisms contributes to more efficient breakdown of organic matter and a healthier population of beneficial soil fungi. This results in soils that are more fertile, have greater water retention capability and are less susceptible to erosion — all significant factors for improved agricultural productivity and profitability.

Why Choose LIVENTIA?

LIVENTIA is an old hand in the new field of agriculture biotechnology. As a leader in microbial innovation, we have more than 27 years of experience and expertise today’s agricultural community demands and expects. 

Through sustained research and development, our outstanding technical team has amassed a unique consortium of bacteria especially adapted to withstand and thrive in even the most hostile environments — and to produce the best possible return on your investment. 

Browse the links below to learn more about how our microbial soil biostimulants can help you improve profitability and soil sustainability in your growing operation.


This is a natural soil improver that restores and promotes the biodiversity of the rhizosphere, increasing nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus in soils of low-agricultural quality.


A bio-formulated agricultural soil improver, it’s microbiological components intervene in the nitrogen cycle to favor the nitrification and absorption of nitrate. This results in the production of stronger and more productive plants.


SSB is a powerful improver of agricultural soils. When inoculated into cereal seeds such as corn, this robust microbial soil inoculant forms a coating of microorganisms that accelerate the germination of grains.


LWT-1® is a selection of 15 species of natural microorganisms belonging to 11 genera and It was designed for the biological control of sludge and odors caused by the wastes of pigs, cows, chickens and in general by the operation of the farms.

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